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Self Portrait

Growing up
Growing up paragraph

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be an artist. I, like many children drew and painted for fun. Though as I grew, I found that the fun shifted a bit and became a set of skills that I attributed through practice and technique.

Foundation image

Raised in the Silicon Valley with two brothers and two sisters, I quickly understood the importance of teamwork and communication at an early age. I was also privileged in participating in martial arts and then passing my knowledge as an instructor for 10 years. This instilled discipline, patience, and emphasized how important practice is. I believe the experience I had growing up gave me an edge in my education and helped me adapt through many types of workflow environments.

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My Education in animation started in high school, which lead me to San Jose State University. I had the privilege to learn from great instructors and work with many amazing fellow classmates. I was also lucky enough to learn from abroad, getting to travel and study in Europe. While in Europe I took advantage and was able to take in many of its gorgeous scenery and beautiful culture.

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Although my passion started with animation, it flowed over to story boarding. I found myself more intrigued with a new found obsession in cinematic storytelling. It is hard to say when this transition happened, though I am grateful to find myself learning and at the same time having fun. I am not just adapting, but expanding my skills.